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A Former Shoebox Recipient Shares Her Story

Jaki Steward was an orphan in Guatemala when she first received the gift of a shoebox. She was later adopted into an American family. Jaki shares first hand what this gift meant to hear and how your simple act of giving creates a big impact on children around the world.

One thought on “A Former Shoebox Recipient Shares Her Story

  1. I know Jaki! Her family were members of our church. We knew of her before her parents were actually able to pick her up. I think there was a lot of waiting and anxiety before her adoption which seemed to take a long time. I remember the first time she told her shoebox story and I tear up thinking about it. I packed many a box and wondered who really received the box and did it make a difference. Her story was inspiring. She and her family moved away a few years ago. Send my love and good wishes to she, her brother and Mom and Dad. St. Lukes in Denton, Md. miss she and her family. Hope they have received many blessings since they left us.

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