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The 1st Heavy Metal Church of Christ in Greenville, OH

Its now been more than a year since the 1st Heavy Metal Church of Christ opened their doors in Greenville and while its not heavy metal in the way you might be thinking, there is certainly heavy metal at this unique and impacting house of worship.

6 thoughts on “The 1st Heavy Metal Church of Christ in Greenville, OH

  1. Why not a heavy metal church. Known Debbie Parslow, well she graduated with my kids. We have over the years gone to church together and it was a real joy to see her singing there. The Lord bless all that you put your hands to.

  2. my wife and i love to go to church and when we start going some of the people ask to not come . we are bikers and people do not like that after we start going i do not no what we can do about it but fell sorry for them .thank you for your time god bless . LeeRoy Spurlock

  3. Had a question. I was wanting to know if one of you pastors made it out to pray for the benefit Saturday morning? On Thursday night our team talked to Rob and his wife about someone from 1st Heavy Metal Church coming and praying over and blessing the riders in the benefit. And I talked with one of you at Revive Ohio meeting Thursday night about there request.

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